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3dsmax vs maya

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3dsmax vs maya

what's the difference between these two..
well i found both of them interesting and somewhat different...
can anybody tell me which one is better?:D

Less and less as the years go by, to be honest; and they'll probably just keep getting more and more similar now that AutoDesk has purchased Maya. When I first picked up 3DS (back around R 2.5), it was a great poly-modelling package, and was also a terific package to learn animation in. Maya was a little more terrifying, as it was far more open-ended, was based around that scary Nurbs modelling, had a sucky renderer, and didn't provide much in the way of boundaries to work within, whereas MAX was pretty rigid in how it worked, and what you could expect from it. I quickly switched to Maya as it allowed more freedom in working with characters. However I recently was convinced to go back and have a stab at Max 7, and the two packages are looking very, VERY similar now. The current release of Max allows close to the same freedom, and I think, has a better set of GUIs. The major remaining difference I think is that Max is more modular. By that, I mean that Maya Unlimited ships with tools for everything, including cloth, hair, paint-effects, and so on. Max is a leaner package which more relies on the end-user to buy plugins to add functionality where they need it. Hope this helps.