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Strange message from

If anyone is interested in the solution to this problem, here it is.

McAfee engine 4450 gives a generic downloader.o [COLOR=black]error when going to[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]This doesn't occur if uninstalling the software and thus engine 4400 is installed.[/COLOR]
Other users that have v 4450 engine or 5000 engine will get this error.
I have 4400 but 4450 was downloaded again automatically from McAfee 1 day later.
So basically, I'll just live with the error.
McAfee suggested that I ignore the error with engine 4450 since it is a false positive.

A user on a Microsoft forum gets the same error with McAfee enterprise 8 v 5000 engine.

My McAfee specs after reinstalling:
Mcafee Virusscan 10.0
Build 10.0.21
Engine version 4400
Dat version 4793
Dat file created 6/26/2006

My orginal McAfee specs that gave the error:
My McAfee specs:
Mcafee Virusscan 10.0
Build 10.0.27
Engine version 4450
Dat version 4792
Dat file created 6/23/2006

I would suspect you aren't keeping your security patches updated from MS.

I visited the page and nothing happenned.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.