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animation after my BSc(Computer Science)

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animation after my BSc(Computer Science)

Hello everyone, this is my very first post on awn. I really need some help. I am studying third Year(BSc.) in Computer Science. The reason I got into BSc was lack of any comprehensive course/institution(apart from NID....) in India which can give Degree in animation AND Computers being my second love. After 1yr from now i will be graduating and want to learn animation full-time.

Last year(05-06) I attempted the NID entrance exam for GraduateDiploma and also passed in the 1st drawing test. But couldn't pass through the studioTest and Interview. So I continued with ComputerScience.I just found that NID doesnt offer animation course to CS graduates. What options should I go for? I do not believe in small private institutions which teach how to use software than to teach basic art of animation.

It has been my dream since I was 6-7yrs old to do animation. My drawing is also good ( that is what i can guess from the fact that I was selected in NID test 1 ) . I have appeared for Govt.Drawing exams and secured grade"A" in elementary and grade"B" in Intermediate exams respectively.

I have used softwares Flash, Photoshop and also designed a game using both these as tools (

I am very much serious about my dream. It would be wonderful if people here would guide me !!! ( which is what I can see here .. people DO guide others here )