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Some Advice Would Be Awesome

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Some Advice Would Be Awesome

I have been accepted into: Edinburgh College of Art; Arts Institute of Bournemouth; and Westminster University, all for Animation degrees. If i choose Westminster my financial life would be easier as i already live in London.
So my question is it worth the trouble going to Bournemouth or Edinburgh as they both have pretty good reputations??

Also are there any students who studied Animation in Westminster?? What did you think of Stephen Rileys teachings he semed pretty dedicated in the interview and have heard alot of good things from his previous coleagues at LCC which is where i am studying at the mo??

Any students from Bournemouth?? What do you think of the animation course?? Did you feel it lacked enough opportunities for creativity?? If so, was the course still enjoyable?? Does the 2D animation part of the course deserve
the same rep as the 3D department??

Edinburgh Animation students, did you feel that the courses emphasise on creativity and caused the course to lack structure and an educatin of traditional animation techniques??