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Little action sequence, looking for comments for improvement

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Little action sequence, looking for comments for improvement


i did a little sequence yesterday, wich i'll be using as the rough to build a more finished one. i'll be very gratefull of any advice and comment to polish it before getting into the next step.

click here to watch it

Thanks in advance

Sir Patroclo

Overall it looks very nice.

Though personally I think it could use a bit more contrast, make the sword hits a bit snappier vs smooth jumping motion, and exaggerate anticipations, especially before the first jump.

Maybe also either squash him a bit more when he lands, or bend his legs a little, just for a few frames before standing still. That will give him some weight, but he wont look any less agile.


It could be faster, have a bit more snap.

If you're running at a steady framerate (looks like 15fps), try setting it to 30fps (proper TV framerate) and then setting certain frames (specifically the swipe frames where there's a lot of distortion of form) to ones, with the rest on twos.

thanks a lot for the advice. Adjusted the fps to 30 and worked on delaying some parts, and on the squash thing, here's a quick approach:

it seems to run slower than it should on the browser...