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which one is best in Uk

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which one is best in Uk

which one is best in uk animation program!

1. Uni of dundee
2. Bournemouth Uni
3. Tesside Uni

pls tell me so that i can jump in.

Just go look at their website's and at the degree shows - tells you a lot about the quailty of students

My Opinion

I'd recommend the University of Teesside based on doing my MA in Computer Animation there last year. They have friendly, helpful and knowledgeble staff, good facilities (library, Light Tables), up to date hardware, software (XSI, Maya, Max, All Adobe, Flash and Toonboom), good industry links via the Animex festival and opportunities for graduates (DigitalCity).

Have a look at my showreel to get an idea of what I was able to produce while there and as part of my DigitalCity Fellowship.

Good luck in your choice.

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