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QUESTION:How much did it pay?

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QUESTION:How much did it pay?

I am working for a china animtion a series named,a series from ALPHANIM.

Is there any guy know how much pay for 1sec/animation

I would assume your producers have researched this already. Perhaps you should ask them. Are you afraid you are being underpaid?

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i dont know about China. but i know of a company called Crest animation (they just signed a deal worth $5million on a work for hire project)
they pay between $6000 to $20,000 per year for Softimage proffesionals depending on experience and output.

sorry. you asked for per sec and not salaries.
again i could direct you to the Crest deal. they are producing 52 episodes in 2 years and their pay is roughly around $70 a second.


The case that i do is a 2D traditional animation.Could you tell me the Crest
deal Co do 2d or 3d? .

oh yeah. the crest deal is 3d on Softimage XSI. also its part of a bigger $18million deal so again rates might be a reflection of that.

but i think its a pretty good and high rate card in any case.