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Eye of the Phoenix is needing help

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Eye of the Phoenix is needing help

What this is, is a chance for beginning animators to get thier foot into the door of game creation, and advanced animators the challenge of a lifetime. What we are over at Eye of the Phoenix is, is we are a merging of various games, from the team based missions of FPS, the fighting and stealth of action games, The martial arts of fighters, and the community of an MMORPG. What we need is as many animators as we can get. Why? Cause this wont be easy. You will be working along professional martial artists and concept artists to bring realistic martial arts to video games, with some extremes of course. We would use Motion capture, but there is no way in hell we could afford that at such an early time in the company, though we do look forward to it in the near future. We will be using the Torque engine, for it is reliable, hosts a good size team for team based games, and can offer us what were looking for. (Dont worry about it being proboard, we are in the prossess of getting real forum up real soon)

Join there, and fill out the app form either in the center of the welcome box, or at the bottom in the recruitment forum. Me and the rest of the team will look it over, and see what you can do. We hope to see you all soon.

PS: This is not an upfront paying game, for everyone is amateur and new to this, and we dont have the proper funding for it. We do have a bit of hype out already thanks to the concept, so with the sells, everyone will get an equal share of the profit, a spot in the Masquerade team to work on later games if wanted, and the chance to get your foot into the door of game creation.

Thank you
DL Quinn ~ Masquerade Studios