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Welcome to the new KAFI Advisory Board Forum

By Dan Sarto | Friday, May 26, 2006 at 2:24pm

I'd like to welcome everyone to the new forum. If you have any technical problems or issues, please email me at or call me at (323) 606-4234.

The forum has been setup so that it is invisible to anyone but the select group who have been granted access. Each of you will receive an email whenever someone posts a new post or starts a new thread. This will make it easier for you to monitor activity.

You can post as often as you like. You can upload attachments, such as meeting minutes, images, etc.

You might want to edit your own User info via the User CP link above. It's not required. You can also use that to change your password. I believe that the system automatically requires you to change your password ever 6 months, but I honestly don't remember. 6 months is a very long time for - it's hard to keep track of when my dry cleaning need to be picked up, let alone when my passwords need changing.

Anyway, welcome to the forum.



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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.

Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.

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I notice you've still one one free foot in your site's self portrait. C'mon! There are kids in Asia mutating a third foot to keep more than a leg up on the competition! Take off those tennies and get kickin'!
Dang, this is good coffee....

Jim Middleton - Edmore, Michigan, ASIFA Central secretary