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please help me in animation field

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please help me in animation field



Your question is much to general to warrant a response....

If your goal is to be hired by an animation studio, then approach an animation studio and ask Them what training, qualifications or skills you would need for them to consider hiring you.

If your goal is to be an independant animator, then you have to try and animate something on your own, and then when you get stuck with something specific then you ask questions in the hopes of resolving them...

Or put up your work up on the internet and ask for critical evaluation... Only then can someone give an opinion what you need to learn in order to improve upon. You might already be very skilled at composition, color, life drawing etc... Or you might very much need training or practice in other areas that arent so apparent, like acting, script writing etc....

The problem with your question being to broad, is that the answers would be equally broad - if your question was 'how do I draw an apple' - not many would answer, simply because there are too many answers... are you at the level that you need to be told to use a pen and paper, or paint, a canvas and a brush... or from the perspective of life drawing skills, or you want apple drawing techniques so you can draw without a reference... specify :)

Evar Simon
The Phi Phenomenon

You are already enrolled at Apeejay and Anitoons, why not march into their offices and ask them these same questions. You've paid them for an education, what is a possible outcome to that? They have your money they should have some answers for you.

They should at least be able to provide you with the employment figures for their graduates.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

some help

What all does your course(s) cover out of these:

- Modelling
- Rigging
- Texturing
- Lighting
- Animating
- Rendering

Or maybe
- Direction
- Storyboarding
- Story writing
- Acting
- Voice/ Mimic
- Music Score

And out of these what are you good at? I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor