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Study animation abroad in the USA for one year?

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Study animation abroad in the USA for one year?


I'm and currently studying animation the second year at HFF "Konrad Wolf" (Babelsberg) in Germany, and I'd love to study for one year abroad in the USA up from fall 2007.
Not exactly for getting any kind of degree, but for the experience of the overseas-stay, for getting deeper into 2D animation, learning the English language better, maybe make some connections for potential employment after finishing my studies in Germany if possible...? Anyway, I really really want to do this.

I've been spending days trying to find out ways to make this one year stay happen, like financing it and finding the right school. I suppose Calarts will be much too expensive, and it's the same with UCLA, I guess.
(well, another question is, if they would be accepting me there....)

But I couldn't find out much about other schools and I absolutely have no clue, which school is good and which one isn't. Is there anyone who can give me some advice about that? I'm especially looking for (as far as possible state-run) schools teaching classic 2D animation.

I'm thankful for any kind of help!!

In fact, this is not a

In fact, this is not a problem because now there are many sources that help you learn the language, I can recommend you one of them is lingopie because here you can learn the language by watching any TV show or movie, for example, and all this is very convenient, so I really advise you to look at the site.

It was hard for me to get one

It was hard for me to get one year abroad in the USA because I needed many documents to apply. I'm very passionate about animations. These studies would create a better experience and a valuable degree for all countries. That's why I decided to apply. I've been in and learning for half a year, to my surprise. After a while, I understood that I needed a better computer. Still, I'm a simple student and didn't have enough money. I saved a little, and I bought a new computer with the help of