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Where to begin?

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Where to begin?

i am really interested in getting into animation. i have what i consider to be decent drawing skills. i recently graduated from college with a degree in graphic design but want to get back to more "hands on" stuff. i want to sharpen up my drawing skills and start learning some animation in maya. i have a few questions...

i should state that at this time i have no plans to go back to school right now

1- what exercises should i begin to do routinely in both drawing and maya to start learning

2- is 23 too old to start trying to learn animation (will i be able to get a decent job before i am too old)

3- should i eventually go back to school for this if i become serious in working in this field or will a degree in graphic design, and skills (learned on my own) be good enough to get my foot in the door?

thanks in advance!

You can easily teach yourself...with the proper guidance, motivation, and proper exercises.

At 23 you are not too old...I got my first proffessional job literally 15 months after I did my first bouncing ball animation exercise.

Start with on bouncing balls, emotional walks etc preferably in 2D to get a sense of timing and control of your animation. Then take what you learn and apply it to the computer. Don't bother learning to rig right now...just take a free rig and have at it and do the same as you did in 2D...walks, bouncing balls, weight lifts then eventually progress to acting exercises later on down the road.

They KEY is to train your eye to distinguish GOOD animation from BAD animation. Look at the demo reels of proffesionals and compare to students then compare to your own work. What is the difference? What is showing in the proffessionals reels that isnt showing up in your own work? This way you have a visual and mental bar to constantly strive for.

Pick up books like Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit and so forth and just train train train!

To plug a favorite of mine check out and later on sign up for his monthly video tutorial service...he will show a lengthy monthly lesson and you can see how a great pro works.

Keep at it's never too late to start!

Something more..

Do also take some acting classes. Acting for animation if possible, but simple acting if not.

Remember those characters are actors, so more than an artist you have to be an actor. Your character can at best imitate you (if you are a good artist), but if you are a bad actor and a good artist, stick to making characters and backgrounds, not animation. It's all so complex, but aah so easy..

Just think about animation to be the same as movie making.. you are not the whole thing, a lot of other talent is required. So based on the talent/ skills you have, you can chose your path. I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor