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Clint West the Legendary Outlaw

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Clint West the Legendary Outlaw

Hello to everybody !!

I'm working in Studio Camara an independent animation studio based in Barcelona, Spain.

It's a studio with a large career in traditional animation, but now we starting to make our first attempts with flash animation.

Clint West, the 'Escudella' Western of the Legendary Outlaw is the first attempt.

Opinions of all sides are welcome.

The "pilot" episode.

The "teaser" of the second episode. Music must change.

And, if you are interested. Here we are a collection of 20 shorts of our animated serie called SLURPS.

looks cool. I want to see more episodes.

the preview of the second one looks a lot cleaner than the pilot so i want to see a full clea episode now.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

I really liked it. I love westerns. Where did you get such rich sounding effects?

Welll... the sounds for the first ( pilot) episode are all from internet libraries except the song from the introduction and final credits. It's a original song made by one component of the studio. The sounds of this song are our voices, mixed, distorted and edited .

The sounds of the ep.02 teaser are the same but with a different mix.:)

The teaser with final sound.