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How do you find the best animation school?

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How do you find the best animation school?

Is there a national ranking? I know you'd want to learn computer and freehand skills, but does anyone have a good recommendation? I'm willing to relocate anywhere (SoCal is best), but also looking at affordability. And are online schools just a waste? Am I better of just learning from the help area on good animation and web design programs and build my own portfolio? I have drawing skills and I'm pretty creative, but education has it's value.

Best animation (in America) school is Calarts. I managed to visit there and it most definantly deserves the title. Unlike traditionaly schools, they base mostly on art skill. For the character animation department (which spawned such greats as Brad Bird, Tim Burton, Peter Chung, etc) you NEED to know life drawing. I asked one of the guys there and i quote "You could have worked at pixar for 10 years, but if you can't life draw, you can't get in (to Calarts)."