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Welcome to the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum '2006!!!

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Welcome to the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum '2006!!!

October 26-27, 2006 the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum `2006 will take place
The forum objective is to promote development of Ukrainian market of software development and IT Outsourcing Services. Ukraine has rather good potential for development of the most high tech area of world economy. Ukrainian IT Outsourcing market demonstrates high growth rate. During several recent years average growth rate summed up to 40% annually. This index has been one the highest for the Ukrainian economy and illustrates great opportunities of the industry. Ukrainian High-Tech Initiative experts estimate the size of IT Outsourcing market at 500 mln USD in 2005 and expect 25-30% growth in 2006.

Forums goals and objectives
• Presentation Ukraine's potential of Ukraine on IT Outsourcing Services and Products market.
• Attracting new consumers of outsourcing services to Ukraine.
• Organizing of B2B meetings between Ukrainian and foreign companies.
• Discussion of the issues tied to development of Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Industry.
Forum Participants
Among the Forum participants there will be world famous outsourcing experts, leading Ukrainian and Eastern European companies working in offshore IT outsourcing, investment companies, Ukrainian enterprises’ IT department managers and government officials.


Nataliya Arseeva

For additional information about the Forum program and participation, please visit the official Forum web site:
• or request it by phone: +38 044 458-17-53

To participate in the Forum, please apply online:

Interesting! Too bad Ukraine is so far. Won't be able to attend :(