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pitch book

hi, i'm new to the whole forum thing so not sure what im really doing! but i need help!!

i have a few ideas for feature animation and want to put a pitch book/show bible together, and then pitch it!!! but i dont know what im supposed to include in it, do i need a completed script or just a basic story layout, full character sheets and profiles etc, do i need to put in any scenes or drawings, reasearch, visual development?? help!! i dont want to over do it, but i also dont want to look unprofessional.(i know a bit about the animation industry, i have a BA in Animation, but we didint cover this and it was quite a while a go, im totally out of touch!)

if anyone could help me i would be very greatfull, also if anyone knows anything else about the "evil" world of pitching then that is very welcome information too!!!
thanks alot, gem770

pitch book

hi, thanks for taking the time to reply, i figured i would get a 'kick up the backside' from reality kind of reply!! i'll have a look through like you suggested, thanks. just so you know i had no illusions of producing the film myself, i only wanted to sell my idea! i enjoy writing story's and drawing so thought i would give it a go! you never know what may happen! but i appreciate your advice.

pitch book

hi, thanks, it's ok, i don't think your a destroyer of dreams!!! i appreciate your advice. i'm still searching through the archives at the mo looking for anything on pitch books!!

pitch book

great thanks! wow people are so helpfull here!!:)

gem770, i have worked on pitch books for other people as well for myself. usually there is a set kind of format where there is certain information which must be introduced.

i know some people even follow a set layout.

i have written bout it on my blog as well as on this forum.

a bit swamped right now. if you cant find it ill try and give you a lowdown

pitch book

hi, i'm sorry to be a total pain, but i couldn't find anything on your blog, and the one i found in your threads wouldn't direct me to the extra info. i know you have all probably had endless disscussions about pitch books/bibles!!! (cant believe some people are so touchy!) but i cant find them, i've been looking for bloody ages and my wrist is hurting from using the mouse!!(take pitty on poor me!) any info you can give me whenever you have a spare five would be really appreciated. im in no rush!!-(thats not a sarcastic comment by the way! im really not in a rush!) thanks.:D

pitch book

i couldn't really find anything about the actual content of a book. but your idea is a good one, to ask studio's, it's worth a try! thanks:)

Gem. here is soemthign i throw together in bout 2 mins off the top of my head

Opening page
Character splash sheet with One line description of the project
Brief - Mention style, theme, duration,demographic, market, episodes,current status
About the project - the gist, target, themes,what makes it special
Characters - descriptions,details
Synopsis of episodes
One script

im sure im missing something there.

pitch book

thats great, thankyou very much, i appreciate it.:)

pitch book

hi me again, one more question and i'll leave everyone alone!!
does anyone know, if your pitching for a feature length animation, then do you need a whole script, or just a bit of one? :confused: