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Animator wanted for Music Video

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Animator wanted for Music Video


I'm looking for someone to animate 2 female characters in a music video. The characters are in development at the moment and I'm looking for someone that would work with our artist to bring these drawings to life.

This is the first animation I have commissioned and need to do some research into what style of animation would best suit the project, 2D or 3D, software etc. We don't have a big budget for this project so although I want the video to be visually striking, it should also be done in a way that is not overly labour intensive and hence expensive (if there is such a thing in animation!) Any advice on this or links to articles on choosing the right technique greatly welcomed (tho this is probably the wrong forum for this)

So if anyone can offer any advice, or thinks this is something they would like to consider (and has some time on their hands in the coming months) please let me know by reply to this message, private message, or email to alex[at]earfood[dot]info


Alex Stacey

Animator Wanted

Hello, I'm interested in your search, we form a team of three animators and cartoonists with a high level of experience, we can develop several styles. Please, take a look to our portfolio in .pdf format at:

And see our demo reel at:


Why don't you show us the images you have, so we can have an idea of what you want/can do?