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Kick the new guy and get CANDY!

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Kick the new guy and get CANDY!


I just joined this fine group, so, introduction:
I'm from Montreal, freelance 2d/flash animator and a few other things. I have this online portfolio up at

I'm not that good at being a regular at things but this place sounds NICE.
By the way, I vote yes, Ken should write a book.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's much appreciated. :)

I try to push my flash work a little bit further every chance I get. I love working with flash, and I think it's way underrated. Its potential is tremendous, and we're not even close to having seen all it can actually do.

It has a bad reputation but that's changing, as artists get better at it. It's a tool, and like all tools it has strengths and limitations; you can't blame the paintbrushes for bad paintings.
There are some fine examples of outstanding flash work already, and I'm sure that many truly amazing and exciting things will be made with flash in the near future. I think it's pretty exciting.

I think you've got great timing and sense of character. You should be proud of your work.

I've tried my hand at flash animation. I think your's takes it beyond flash, it doesn't look like flash animation and to me thats very skillful.

~?r U 0p71(aly |)3\/073|)?~

Fun stuff!

2 thumbs up!


That was very enjoyable, you got some cool skills.