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Animation Music Producer Wanted

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Animation Music Producer Wanted

Hi, Send us a link to your site, rates and samples for consideration. Animation / flash music experience a must please. Thanks.

Music Production

I have put together some selected music samples for different animation and TV commercial works we've done.
All samples are in MP3 format:

Please feel free to show them to your client, but please let him know all of them are copyrighted themes.

About rates, it's not easy to make a calculation, because it depends on the project format, quality and amount of instruments each theme needs, but we have calculated the following rates just as a rough reference):

· Original music composition, including recording and mix for Flash animations:

A) Custom simple themes:

• 10 sec clip: $ 300
• 30 sec clip : $ 450
• Longer formats: $ 800 per minute (for long formats we can calculate a special price)

B) Custom themes with 1 or 2 instruments:

• 10 sec clip: $ 500
• 30 sec clip : $ 650
• Longer formats: $ 1000 per minute (for long formats we can calculate a special price)

C) Custom themes with many instruments (big band, jazz band, grand orchestra, and so):

• 10 sec clip: $ 850
• 30 sec clip: $ 1100
• Longer formats: $ 1800 per minute (for long formats we can calculate a special price)

Hope it helps!

We look forward to learning of more of the specifics of your project.

David Franks
U.S.Animation Sales

Hi Voicetoons,

I'm a composer for media projects and I've made compositions for a lot of animations.
On my website you can listen to some of my work (select the 'A' for animations).

I charge $500 per day or $65 per hour for smaller productions.
A day of work will amount to about 30 - 60 seconds of music or even more, depending on the kind of music, number of instruments and wether the track is played with real instruments or sampled instruments (the former will mean at least one day of extra studio work).

If you send me the details of a project I can make a specified quote.
I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

Alex Debicki
music production for media

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