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an internship at Piar

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an internship at Piar

Hello guys,

I'm posting this message 'cause I've got some question about internships at pixar..and I didn't find anything online.

Well, last year I've heard about a summer animation internship of about 2/3 months in the big studio, and after looking online I've found the application form.
I'm wondering right now, 'cause I was thinking that they would do this summer intern programm every year, but I still can't find anything about it at their website.. does anybody know if they're going to do it this summer as well?
and if yes, how do animators can apply for?

thank you guys :)


Truth be told, I wouldn't be too optimistic. Pixar probably get several hundred applications and portfolios a week, both for full-time jobs and internships. Apart from the obvious prerequisites, talent and artistic skill, I'd wager you'd have to be extremely lucky to get in. They are, after all, the hottest mainstream feature animation studio there is today.

Don't quote me on this, but I think the Pixar internships usually go through animation schools - that is, you have to be attending a college teaching animation to apply. Again, I'm not positive, but I have one friend who ended up there that way.

I agree not to get your hopes up. Pixar only accepts one or two people for their animation internship every year. Your work needs to outrageously good to simply be considered. I'm not sure if being in school is a requirement or not.

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This should help answer your question:

Just click on "What kind of internships do you offer?" You do need to be enrolled in college to apply, but I'm not sure if it has to be an animation/art school.

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Yeah, sorry; I should have clarified. I assumed you were interested in an animation internship. If you're more of a coder/technical guy, you won't need to be in art school to apply.