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Vancouver Film School vs Cap College

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Vancouver Film School vs Cap College


I'm new to this forum (though considering my ambition to be an animator, I probably shouldn't be).
I recently got accepted into the 3D animation and visual effects program at Vancouver Film School. However, right now I'm in a state of.... well.. something....
If any of you have looked into VFS' 3D program, you'll know it's $30,000 (CDN). That's a lot of money. +_-
So far I've also applied for the summer program at capilano college for 2D animation. I'm starting to think I shoudl've applied for their 2year classical animation program too.
What I want to know, is if anyone out there has completed the 3D program at VFS, and what they thought about it.
How are the classmates? What is the success rate of graduates? How are the instructors?
I've read on this forum many times that it's what I bring into it that counts the most. However, it would be good to know how readily VFS takes in students. I've heard on some forums that VFS is a business so they take any students in regardless of their actual drawign skill. Is there any truth to this?

Hi Aiya. I looked at both schools, and decided on VFS because A: They accepted me right into the 2nd year of their Classical Animation program. And B: As a foreign student, the price difference wasn't that great. The teachers in their 2D program have gotten good reviews around here and elsewhere, but I haven't looked at their 3D program enough to even know how many of the teachers the programs share.

If I were a Canadian, I would have looked at Capillano a lot harder than I did, as they're relatively cheap for residents, and they seem to have a pretty solid reputation. But 2 yrs of Cap was still more expensive than one yr of VFS.