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Animators needed for MMORPG in Development

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Animators needed for MMORPG in Development


My name is Robert Lee and I am the creator/project leader of Etherea: Dark Genesis, a Fantasy/Mythical MMORPG in development found at

Currently there are over 20 people on the team working on this game, which has been in development for over 10 months, and everyone is working for free/resume building experience. Everyone on the team is wanting to create a game soley for the purpose of creating a great game, that being said the game will be a free download with only a small monthly fee to support the servers and expansions.

We have people in every position on the team but only one dedicated animator. We could use some extra help in the area of rigging/animation and all of our works are done in .3ds or exported/imported in .3ds

Currently we have a plethora of models that have been created and textured but still need animated so there will be plenty of work for anyone who wants to help out.

If you are interested or have more questions please contact me at

Thank you for your time,