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Cartoons on Laserdisc

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Cartoons on Laserdisc

Hello! :)

Well I've always heard great things about animation on laserdisc, as opposed to DVD, where compression artifacts and unnecessary processing have negatively impacted a lot of great cartoons (everything from the 'denoising' that renders some Betty Boops incomprehensible at points, to the "extras" Disney decided to plasticsurgeon into The Lion King)... and, well, now I've got one of the players!

So I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which animated films or collections I should make particular efforts to acquire - especially toons that aren't on DVD at all, but of course also true-to-the-original versions that shouldn't've been tampered with.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks!, that's a must. :) Yeah, I tried to find Avery on DVD and all I managed to come across were some, like, uh - ostensible "homages"? Anyway, thanks again, I'll try to track that down. :)

I saw a complete Tex Avery collection on Laserdisc a few years ago and to my knowledge there are none on DVD so that would be a good investment.