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music video


an established band is looking for new (and not established) animators who would like to have a go at animating a 3 1/2 minute record.

The band has been in existence for 30+ years but this is the first time that one of their songs has been made available in this way

The record company will be making a 30 second clip of the song available to any up and coming animators who can then submit their ideas/proposals etc and then the 'winning' animator would be commissioned to complete the video

it is looking likely that all submitted works would be showcased on a website as well and that this whole venture would be receive publicity

I am new to this forum so am not sure if this is something that would be of interest to you - or whether everyone on this site is already too established to bother with this....


more info

following my previous message please take a look at:

for more information and to hear samples of the song

just for the record is this a paying gig or not.

no it is not. it is for up and coming animators

Ya might want to check out Deviantart or other sites that have a lot of newer artists. I know DA actually has a section in there forums for 'projects' that don't pay. Ya might get a few takers there. Although I find it a bit odd that a band that's been around for more than 30 years can't put any money into a video. I know an amount as small as 250 bucks might make the difference between a 14 year old doing your video and an animation student with some actual skills and plenty of freetime on his summer... I'm just sayin.

Good luck.

Bio: I checked out 'Commission' on just to be certain. Sue's use actually works. While it does imply you'll get paid, another meaning of commission is to give permission or to authorize an action. Also the link Sue made in her second post mentions you will not get paid. Trashin on the band seems a bit much if this is just a mild case of misunderstanding

That said, I'm no fan of people looking for professional quality work for free either, especially after trying to look like they belong in the big leagues. I just felt like playin Devil's Advocate today.

Sparks is a great and influential band, I suggest you all look into their work.

Download their songs for free, I'm sure they won't mind.

I s'pose any band that can fit "barometric pressure" into a song's lyrics is worth giving another chance.