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Hi =)

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Hi =)

Hi everybody
First post here, just introducing myself. I've been drawing for awhile and attending an animation school this year doing traditional 2D and then moving onto 3D next year, so i'm pretty much an animation noobie.
I hope this forum will help me on my way to becoming one of the world's top animators. :)

Halloooo Hunterkiller! Welcome to AWN Forums!
I'm pretty much new here too but hey, new guys need to stick together...:D I'm hoping to get into an animation school after high school (it's taking sooo long for me to graduate!!! Time goes by soo slowly!!!). It's just I can't wait to start doing interesting projects in a subject I am passionate about.
Woa! I'm writing too much! Well anyways welcome to the forum! Hope you make it as a top animator!

Hi Heathen
I saw some of your work in your gallery thread, very creative. :)

Thanks Hunterkiller! I put some of my stuff up so that I could figure out what I shoud improve because I need to make my art portfolio and the art/animation school I wish to attend to is really hard to get in. So I need to improve fast!
Oh well.:D
I'd really like to see some of your stuff sometimes. I'm kind of curious to see what kind of stuff one does in an animation school. I mean I've only taken a high school animation class and I'm not really sure what to expect from a school dedicated to it.

Don't worry, you'll be seeing my own sketchbook thread soon. :)
I don't know how the schools work in your country, but here at our animation school, they like to see 'people work' in the portfolios, such as life drawing.
As for the course itself, it isn't as exciting as i expected but that's not to say it isn't fun. On regular days we are given weekly animation drills to do, inbetweening and clean up mainly. Key drawing isn't really taught until second year. We are also given periodic written theory examinations and assignments.


Hey! I'm blackrose! dose any one know how much animators get paid?!:)

I look forward to seing your thread!:D
I hate written assignments but if it's for animation, I'll definitely do it. I figured life drawing would be important for a portfolio because after all animation is based on life and one needs a clear idea of what things look like. Should I put different kinds of animations in my portfolio? Like claymation and cut-out? Or should I put more life drawings and paintings? Should I include stories and written scripts?

Ooo... I'm not too sure of all the details regarding the portfolio. If you check with the school you're wanting to enroll at, they should actually provide a list of the basic requirements they want to see for the portfolio.

I wrote my last post wrong too. There are no written assignments, only the exams.

Heh. It seems kind of odd that there are written exams in animation (other than art/animation history) but hey, what's a school without exams!:D
The school I want to apply to is hard to get into and they seem to reward thinking outside the box... I 'm trying to figure things out.