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So you want to be an Animator? Here's what to expect.

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Hi, I am 42 and I am a

Hi, I am 42 and I am a painter, designer and sculptor though I am not formally trained. I wish to make my career in animation. What course and level is good for me? I wish to study in some Canadain colleges. Help me out.

Animators who want to remain

Animators who want to remain efficient and competitive can do so by attending classes that teach advanced software features and address industry trends. These classes are offered by colleges as well as companies that produce software, including Apple, Autodesk, and Adobe.

You will want to read trade publications. Publications that cater to the graphics and animation industry are valuable, objective sources of information with reporting on industry trends and new releases of technology. Artists can subscribe to publications that are available in print and online.

But, first of all, you need to pactise in drawing. Buy one of and make sketches of anything you see.


Dear friends,

Dear friends,

Animator is a great proffesion and it is necessary to know the factors seperating good animator and bad animator either before starting the carrier or you are an expert animator. I advise everyone to go through this article if you are looking for a serious profffesion as animator.

This one will really help you in guiding you to build your carrer as a good Animator 

Mar 14, 2017 - “I grew up

Mar 14, 2017 - “I grew up thinking that animators all labored for a film studio or cartoon show ... you'll need to possess the appropriate mixture of realistic abilities and ... in case you're nonetheless no longer certain that is the right course for you, test out our article "6 ...

If you want to become an

If you want to become an animator working with an experienced team will help you. I would suggest applying for an internship in a video production company benefits are fixed stipend and you will have an opportunity to work with live projects and learning opportunities.

If you want to be an animator

If you want to be an animator, I think you should be looking forward to some free software first. You should try to learn some important features of animation in the beginning.

What courses do you know

What courses do you know about animation?

It seems to me that if a

It seems to me that if a person really loves his job, then it doesn't really matter how much money you can earn on it. And there are enough minuses in every job

Animations are very relevant

Animations are very relevant now. I want to become a motion designer

Animation is a field in which

Animation is a field in which you can create or produce whatever you want, it will depend on your work, the craze for this field allowed me to provide Animation Services to others. 

Animation is a field in which

Animation is a field in which you can create or produce whatever you want, it will depend on your work, the craze for this field allowed me to provide Animation Services to others. 

That's great,

That's great,

Animation is a satisfying and lucrative profession and is attracting youngsters in droves towards it. Professionals new to this industry generally work in the capacity of junior animators in a 3D animation studio and production houses, you need to start collecting deep information about this industry and select a particular course for better experience and practices. 

hello, does anybody have any

hello, does anybody have any good and free animation softwares for youtube because i want to be a story-time animator, thanks

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Hey New Animators!

Hey New Animators!

I've been an animator for over a decade now and felt like sharing what I could. I spent most of my career in a frantic state of trying to learn everything I could and trying to do the most amazing work the world has even seen. I totally nailed that first half, but the latter works in contradiction of the former. I learned and worked on an incredible ranges of jobs, but rarely experienced work I felt worthy of my own admiration. I spent so much time learning new skills that I mastered none of them and mostly just confused myself when I had free time to create for myself.

What I wish I knew starting out is to have more patience and get better at life and living. It may not sound like a sound method of learning animation but if you aren't bettering your personal life, relationships, and responsibilities, you will miss what you have to offer.
Having a solid discipline and routine for your skill is a MUST, but without a personal growth you will animate with out feeling, write without meaning, and not discover what you're passionate about. What makes you angry? What makes you silly? What bores you to no end? What is your least favorite responsibility? If you can't answer these question then how well will you imagine a character going through the same thing. If anyones like me, I tend to ignore everything that's not my "creative mission" until they completely interrupt my process, making it nearly impossible to build any routine. Kind of hard to focus while putting out tiny fires that spring up randomly. 

The truth is there is plenty of time if you respect where you are right now, start building a routine with the skill/s you admire the most, have patience when you feel off track, and keep an EXTREMELY keen eye on your life and remain observant. As you build and share your work add your personality to it and the opportunities will come with more of them to follow, and you'll know the best ones for you because you know yourself better. 

Besides that Draw everyday, drink water, and call your mother!



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Animators create animated

Animators create animated characters, worlds, and special effects for film, television, video games, and other forms of digital media. The process of creating animation can be broken down into several stages, including pre-production, animation, and post-production.

During pre-production, animators work with writers, directors, and designers to develop characters, stories, and visual concepts. They also create storyboards and animatics, which are used to plan out the animation.

During the animation stage, animators use various techniques and software to bring characters and environments to life. Techniques include keyframe animation, motion capture, and stop-motion animation. Software used by animators include Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender.

During post-production, animators work with editors and sound designers to add sound, music, and special effects to the animation. They also work on final color correction and compositing.

To become an animator, you will typically need a college degree in animation or a related field, such as graphic design or digital media. Many animators also have a strong background in fine arts, such as drawing and painting. Strong computer skills and experience with animation software are also important for success in this field.

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I am Vikkrant founder of

I am Vikkrant founder of Atellier Studio as per my experience: Becoming an animator requires a combination of creativity, technical skill, and knowledge of animation principles. Here are some steps you can take if you're interested in pursuing a career in animation:

  1. Develop your skills: Creating animation requires a variety of skills, including drawing, design, storytelling, and technical proficiency. Practice and study these skills to improve your ability to create compelling animations.
  2. Learn animation software: Familiarize yourself with popular animation software such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, or Blender. Take tutorials and practice animating basic movements to build your skills.
  3. Study animation principles: There are fundamental principles of animation that are used to create the illusion of movement, such as squash and stretch, timing, and anticipation. Learning and applying these principles can help you create more convincing and dynamic animations.
  4. Create a portfolio: Building a portfolio is essential to showcase your skills and creativity to potential clients or employers. Include a variety of animation samples that demonstrate your abilities and range.
  5. Network and gain experience: Attend animation conferences and events, join online animation communities, and seek out internships or freelance opportunities to gain experience and make connections in the industry.
  6. Specialize: Consider specializing in a specific area of animation, such as character animation, motion graphics, or visual effects. This can help you stand out and become known for your expertise in a specific area.
  7. Keep learning: The animation industry is constantly evolving, so it's important to stay up-to-date with new techniques and technologies. Attend workshops, take online courses, and read industry publications to stay informed.
  8. Becoming an animation creator takes time and dedication, but with hard work and persistence, you can build a career in this exciting and creative field.

Becoming an animation creator takes time and dedication, but with hard work and persistence, you can build a career in this exciting and creative field. Hope the question is answered!

If you aspire to become an

If you aspire to become an animator, here's what you can expect on your journey. Animation is a dynamic and creative field that requires dedication and a passion for bringing characters and objects to life.

Product 3D animation is a specialized area within animation that focuses on showcasing products through realistic and engaging visual representations. It involves using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and advanced rendering techniques to create captivating product animations.

To excel as an animator, you'll need to develop a strong foundation in art and animation principles. This includes understanding concepts such as timing, spacing, weight, and character movement. Building your skills in traditional 2D animation will provide a solid base for transitioning into 3D animation.

Learning industry-standard software like Autodesk Maya, Blender, or Cinema 4D is essential for creating product animations. These tools offer a wide range of features and capabilities for modeling, rigging, texturing, and animating 3D objects.

As a product 3D animator, you'll work closely with clients or a creative team to understand their vision and objectives. You'll need to translate their ideas into compelling visuals that effectively showcase the product's features, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Attention to detail is crucial in product 3D animation. You'll focus on accurately representing materials, textures, lighting, and realistic physics to create a convincing and visually striking result. Additionally, you may need to collaborate with other professionals such as modelers, texture artists, and lighting specialists to achieve the desired outcome.

Deadlines are common in the animation industry, and time management is vital. You'll need to balance creativity with efficiency to deliver high-quality animations within the given timeframe.

Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in animation, including advancements in product 3D animation and rendering techniques, will keep you competitive in the industry.

Lastly, having a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and creative abilities is essential for landing animation jobs. Your portfolio should include examples of product 3D animations, demonstrating your proficiency in creating visually appealing and engaging product visuals.

Remember, being an animator is a journey of constant growth and improvement. With dedication, practice, and a passion for animation, you can embark on an exciting career in product 3D animation and bring ideas to life through captivating visuals.

Animation institute in Mumbai

Animation institute in Mumbai - Intriguing world of VFX

Animation VFX (Visual effects) as they are more often known, have emerged as an essential tool in the world of filmmaking for producing stunning and immersive cinematic experiences. Animation VFX have a critical part in influencing the way we perceive movies, from thrilling action moments to epic conflicts in fantastical worlds and even the subtlest of improvements. Ambitious artists can take Animation institute in Mumbai notably at Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA), to learn how to master the art of visual effects.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts, also known as ZICA, is one name that shines out within the field of VFX Institute in Malad. ZICA has established itself as a top institute for visual effects , not only in Malad but also across Mumbai, . ZICA is the go-to choose for individuals looking for the best VFX course in Malad, with a program built to meet industry standards and experienced professors.

A variety of film genres use visual effects, which improves the entire cinematic experience. Here are a few crucial examples, Films of science fiction and fantasy rely heavily on visual effects to create future settings, exotic creatures, and otherworldly landscapes. One of the best Animation VFX franchises ever is the Star Wars series. To depict larger-than-life characters and their astonishing abilities on screen, superhero movies mainly rely on VFX. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a great illustration of how VFX are used in this genre. VFX aids in the accurate and precise recreation of historical periods, locations, and events. Films like "Gladiator" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy serve as examples of how effective VFX may be in this situation. To assure safety and offer jaw-dropping action sequences, explosions, stunts, and dangerous scenes are frequently improved or totally created using VFX.

ZICA is a widely recognized Animation institute in Mumbai. It is known for providing excellent education and a curriculum that is practical to the industry.

every day you need to learn

every day you need to learn about 3D animation and implement it on your computer one day you will be succeed