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Art School in New Delhi

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Art School in New Delhi

Hey guys I've recently become a member of this forum and let me tell you something that this forum REALLY ROCKS!!!:D I really want to become an animator myself and I wanna begin by joining a good institute. I live in New Delhi, India so I need some help from any of u.

Can u plz tell me which is the best institute or school for animation education in New Delhi? I, ultimately plan to go into gaming and need an insititute which will begin by teaching me the basics (presently I know jack-shit) to the advanced techniques and softwares of education. I've shortlisted 2 actually...this is Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) and Picasso Centennial. Both of them seem pretty good to me and I need to know which one is better for a serious career in animation. :confused:

Also, I wanna know if a background or diploma in fine-arts is a must to become a seriously big-time animator and how much of knowledge in arts is required for a really rockin career in animation. Also, I would appreciate if u ppl could tell me any info as a beginner which would help me on my way to becoming an animator :)