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New flash cartoon site

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New flash cartoon site

Hey guys, i think you will like (hope so) my new flash cartoons site.

just check it out.



come on!

Hey guys!... wath about some critics?
would come in handy


I can't play any of the animations. It won't let me click the play (looks like the eject symbol) button. Also when the screen is pulled down, you should mask off the portion above it's case so we can't see the excess moving behind it. Hope I explained that clearly enough?


Thank`s, does anyone had this problem? because everyone who has seen the web, didn`t had this problem.

I go to an internet cafe to watch the larger stuff like yours. I did have some problems getting some of them to play. I noticed that some of the files poped up after about 30 seconds and some never came out to play.

AAH! thank´s! Just now i realize!.. it because it is in an argentinian server.. a cheap one. so, here we can see it just right and fash.. but over there... it`s another history...

so.. thank´s anyway.

And, about this... well... i`ll open another post about that.

Hold it , It works perfectly fine
Here is some feedback
This site has potential to develop a lot more
I especially liked the second animation from the left on the second row from the , the guy with the the jazzy shirt. that had some good acting
Though I just wished I could understand what he is saying, If does not hurt to include subtitles, may be give your viewers a choice of subtitles ?! maybe? :)
I Liked that scribble on that screen, reminds me of the brainstorming session professors would have during during breaks instead of lunch
Hope this helped