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Preparing to fly...

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Preparing to fly...

Hi, i'm currently studying a BAHons in Animation Design at university and will shortly be graduating around July sometime. As a student who is about to graduate i'm already feeling the daunting side of job hunting and i hope some of you guys here with your experience can give me some pointers.
I know i have to produce a showreel to showcase my work but i'm unsure how to compile this. Would my showreel just be a movie clip showing various clips of the work that i have produced over my 3 years of study? Do i need to include other aspects such as an CV aswell? I'm really quite lost as to how and what to do and scared that i will not be able to find a job within this field after i graduate. Any advice would be awesome i just need some good pointers to get me started. :confused:
Thanks in advance!