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Demo Reel 2006

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Demo Reel 2006

Howdy guys,

The time has come for a new DemoReel.

Frankly,I need a fresh eye on know...just in case the Reel seem too long or too short.
Cut down some of the useless parts...etc...
Here it is the link to 5MB DemoReel:

Thanks a lot.

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Cristinel Bostan character reAnimator

Cristinel Bostan
character reAnimator

Hi cristinelo, really nice work. I really like the first sceen, the one with the rowboat and the last shot where the guy scoots over on all fours. I agree with Valentina about the scenes to cut. I'd also cut the second sequence with the guy and the dog thing. It's not as strong as the others. Yeah, that one shot where the guy motions at the door, should be cut too. All we're looking at is everyones back.

Good stuff all around. You have a good mix of physicality and acting which is really good to have.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

didn't seem too long or short to me. I've heard that around 1:30 is a good length for a demo reel, and that's about what yours is. Nice character animation too.

Hi guys,

Here it is a new version of my Reel.
Thank to all critics I`ve received.

Thank you for once again.

Cristinel Bostan
character reAnimator


Hello there,

lovely animations.. I really like the interpretations of the characters!

However, about the entire reel, I would have cut a few scenes, just because less appealing then the others.

for example:

1) the opening scene is fine.
2) about the second one, I think it should be starting from the first take of the brown character.
3) this one.. I would cut it, it's not as special as the others.
4) this one is cute! (the man in the boat)
5) this one.. I don't really like when the guy tells them to enter into the house.. but the last part, when he gets angry and takes the phone, it's great!
6)the man into the boat it's great!
7)the acrobat is great as well
8)I'd cut the running soldier..
9)about the last one.. I like the second part, when he goes to the other side of the wall.. perhaps if you cut it a bit at the beginning (for example, get it starting when he is up on the wall), it would appear better... but this is just my opinion :)

anyway, with your reel I think you must entertain people who watch it from the start, to the end, and the last scene it's not too much powerfull.
if you'll mix the scenes in a new editing, replacing the current last one, whit the number 6 (the man in the boat who escapes), perhaps it'll look much more
funny, 'cause the man who escapes give the sensation of the "end", and putting it at the end of the reel.. would sounds nice :)

hope my opinions will be a bit helpful !
great works :)