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rejected...or not?

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rejected...or not?

last week i sent out a load of showreels and so far i have had two replys. (which was quicker than i thought).
when they say they like my work but dont have any vacancies, but will keep my details should anything arise, is this just a polite way of saying bog off, or do u think if they do have a position in the future they will possibly think of me. was just wondering so i know.....coz if they didnt like my stuff wouldnt they just ignore me? or something? hmm :)

If they tell you they like your stuff, they like it.

If they don't like it, they usually say nothing at all, or say that its not what you are looking for.
Two replies is nothing, keep sending stuff out.

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Actually the replies that you got were pretty much the standard "thanks, but no thanks". Don't assume they will call you up if they have another open position. If they are looking for more artists later on, I would send in your stuff again.

My experience has been that they always say that they "like your work", but they blame not hiring you by the lack of positions available. If they were seriously impressed with your work, someone would actually pick up the phone and call you even if there weren't currently any openings, because they would at least want to get in contact with you.

Sorry, I'm not usually a "doom and gloomer", but besides myself, lots of other artists I have worked with over the years have gotten the same letters from companies which lead to absolutely nothing.

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I got quite a few "Nice stuff! We'll talk again when there's an opening" kinda emails lately. I expect that none of the senders will contact me again. Not that I wanna get all doom and gloom(which I don't think you are Bluey) but there are a LOT of other artists applying for jobs getting the exact same emails as you(and me and everyone else for that matter). Besides, these are EMAILS we're talking about! Those things promise cheap herbal viagra and hot lesbian nymphos for 55 cents(Canadian). You can't trust em!

Yeah, sorry Pepper, you were rejected. It is kind of missleading for companies to hint that they will contact you if there is a position. They will not. Not unless you are a Glen Keene or Andreas Dejas. Studios have hundreds, and the bigger studios have thousands of artist applying for these positions. They don't have the man power to sort though their existing portfolios and call people when there is a job that they are suited for. It is up to you. Just because they rejected you doesn't mean they didn't like your work. They really could not have a position open. Part of getting a job in the animation industy is timing. I've know people who have sent in their demos a few days apart. One was told there were no jobs the other one was hired. You just have to keep pluging away. If you really want to work at a certain studio, call them up and ask the receptionist if there is a job hotline or website that you can see current job listings. Also ask how often the list is updated.

Good luck,
the Ape

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thanks for everyones input. ive sent out loads and am sending out another 20 in the next week or so, so hopefully something may happen. am also looking for runners jobs etc...
ill just keep certain companies updated with any new work i do and keep pluggin away.
its all very scary really but time shall tell, perhaps i should get a job as a check out assistant.....hmmmm. lol

Well, one studio did say that they enjoyed watching my showreel, which was great, except that I hadn't sent them one.

I once received a full review of my demoreel and portfolio along with a kind rejection letter from a school I sent my contact info(no reel or folio sent) so they could send me information on their 3D course. It was probably the nicest rejection I've ever received! Too bad it wasn't mine.