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hey guys I am a newbie at this and really dont know much of anything about computer animation. Im in highschool and I need some basic info on how to get started.

New Here

Hey guys, I just found this place, looks like a nice forum.
Anyways, my name is Kate, and I just started a studio which has a 2d film very early in the stages of production, I'll be poking for help and offering help, so look out for me!
The point here was I am wondering what a good format for storyboarding is. I've tried note cards and paper, but I have a feeder scanner so nothing seems to really work. Help?

I'm new here too! great to be here as well and welcome!

As a first step, just to get your feet wet, you might want to find a copy of Adobe's Photoshop software. You could then teach yourself how to use it in the evenings and on weekends. It is quite powerful software, with many features; in fact, it can be quite intimidating. However, it would give you some experience with computer graphics software. If you find out that you don't like doing computer art after all, then you've saved yourself the time--and cost--of taking courses and buying some of the more expensive products.

Your school might have Photoshop already installed on computers in their computer labs. Alternately, ask a teacher; quite often, the schools get lots of software but they don't bother installing most of it because they don't think students would use it.




Ok. Thank you for your advice Michael.