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Sound Designer/ Muscian/ ComposeR/sfx needed

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Sound Designer/ Muscian/ ComposeR/sfx needed

I am looking for someone to work on the sound design for my 2 minute animated film but the sound I need completing by the 11th may. I can not pay you but I can offer you credits on the film and it will be showing at a big exhibition in London on the 29th of June at the Moving Picture Company with the top animators from the industry seeing your work, you will get an invertation to the exhibition and a chance to net work with the top animators around and the up and coming animators. If you are interested I can post you the first part of the film along with storyboard and synopis and I am currently working on the second half of the film which I can send you the storyboard too via email.


Hi Anette,
I have worked in over 100 web animation films as sound designer(flash based) all of which were outsourced and i am music designer for short films in animation as well as film/video, couple of which have won in asian film festivals. I think i have contacted you in the past but i guess you found someone back then, and am interested in working on as many versatile projects as i can, sicne im building a portfolio for vancouver film school. So if you're interested let me know fast. Now that i am remembering i even had a copy of your storyboard but got no respose from you then as you said you'll have to send me the film and stuff. if the films not too big you can even upload it... anyway its your call.. cheers!