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Here is the film I worked on...

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Here is the film I worked on...


Here is a link to OUR WORLD. It is a bit fuzzy because it's from VHS back to digital.

I did the openning sequence (which was edited down) and the the dog and world - SPORTS and the last TERRORIST seg.

Jared Chapman did the Apples/Oranges flash seq.

The longer seqs. were down by students from IFS.

As with all projects- it went in a different direction- but the idea was to get folks to talk about some of these issues.


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Hah, wow, you guys sure know how to get a point across. Regardless of how people perceive the individual messages for me at least they were very clear.

I liked a lot of the decisions like the glowing hemisphere becoming the heart. There were definitely a couple shots where the subtlest motions like head turns, etc. were very neatly and skillfully carried out and it upped the production value for me.

REALLY like the backgrounds. I didn't catch it the first time around and it doesn't scroll forward on the second playing on my computer. Is there somewhere I can see more of that work?

Also, three cheers for Jared Chapman. I have total empathy for that situation...I had an idea for a short some time back that was to strike that exact tone. For as concise as the idea is I think it might be the most sincere piece in the whole film. Plus I dig the timing.

Thanks for sharing!

that was neat. I really liked it.

Good animation and fun little stories and cool styles.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

Fun stuff!

Was totally entertained ...for the whole 11 minutes!

Cheers to all!


thouroughly entertaining!

Still a work in progress


It is still a work in progress...the idea is to add more sequences. I have two more sequences which will be added when other animation is ready. Hopefully, it will be accepted at Annecy...we entered it.

Thanks for the comments, encouragement...

The IFS students' work gets better every year, compositing in particular. (I see they're incorporating 3D elements now.) They must've really gotten the hang of oraginsation and scheduling lessons and production now. (Remember the "drama" over our "third girl"? ;))
I first watched everything at work without sound and later at home with my loudspeakers on. Sound can really make a whole lot of difference in filmmaking.
Did Jchap collaborate with the German animators in any way? When I last visited, I saw some sketches done by a student with a note on them that they were inspired by Jared's work.

We Tried


We tried to involve everyone on both sides of the pond.

I was working with folks from Savannah, Ga.; Austin, TX; and Cologne, Germany. Later I was trying to the same thing in and from Annecy, France and Lacoste, we are talking 1000's of miles.

We did have a base site that was password protected for the participants. We used FTP folders to ship things back and forth. The FLIPBOOK files worked well and were easy to transport. Kent Braun from Digicel was as great help. They were a corporate sponsor who came through big time.

The only tricky thing for me was the final edit (which I wasn't involved in) and the final timings (again no involvement).

It came down to either finishing the project or just letting it hang. So the final form is much different than my vision for the film- but it is done and still effective. Alexandra did a remarkable job of putting it together. She is amazing! You know those Germans and how they work!!!