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Is this supposed to happen?

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Is this supposed to happen?

OK, so, i have a wacom tablet and have been usin it since i got it back in december. Today while using it to sketch some sad pandas i ran into a little....awkwardness that i was wondering if it was a common problem.

My hand seemed to be kind of moist/sweaty from drawing and i rested my hand down on the bottom corner of the tablet. When i lifted my hand the input area began to peel up with it!

It did not go very far or anything, but it did peel up. It quickly snapped back into place and i cannot peel it up with my fingers or anything and it works just fine still. So is this common? this every happen to anybody else? i emailed support at wacom as well to see what they say.

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"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

are u talking about the sheet of plastic over the top of the wacom? dude thats just it...plastic,some people even remove that,or stick photos under it heheh,your worrying about nothing.

lift the plastic up and draw underneath it,you'll see it still works without it.

correct me if your talking about something else....

I don't know if the newer ones still have it, but my Intuos 2 has a transparent flap over the active area that allows me to put a sketch under it. Is that what's flapping up?

i think its the actual "draw here" piece...i cannot recreate it right now though. I will try again tomorrow and take a picture.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo