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heard about this CGI film?

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heard about this CGI film?

Hello I am new on this forum and I like to say would it looks real good!
My question is the following I read on imdb about a film called Free Jimmy
and I woundered if anyone had some more info about it?

Looks good no any thought?

It looks kind of punky. Which isn't a bad thing...

I like the art on their website--though I can't seem to find a synopsis describing what the film is about. The character designs are amazing--especially the elephant.

I'm curious to see more.

hi there! you can find more information about free jimmy at this website

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I had a look on and search Free jimmy and i found thay synopsis
Sounds like a stoner film lol

The characters are from an underground comic by the norwegian cartoonist Christopher Nielsen. They have been animated before in a 24 episode christmas story. It was also CGI, the animation was horrible...

Well this time it dosent look that bad check their website out.
I am not a specialist but it looks well done.