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advice needed

hi guys,

I'm a student of animation and my biggest problem is i 'm not good in drawing. I found it difficult to make the drawings.....but I love animation and want to work in this field. I can write scripts and other literary items..n i wish to do animation in 3d. So how should i move ahead. It is really difficult to sit with pencil in front of a blank paper without getting the proportions or the flow in your drawing.

1) How should i manage this problem ?
2) will this affect my career in any ways ?
3) What kinda jobs will suit me ?

plzzz help me guys. Thanking You.


If you are doing 3D, realize that you only have to draw well enough to get your ideas across to others. I tell my students that while drawing (I mean pencil to paper) is needed to create storyboards and some concept art, you're not a cell animator. Nor do you need the same level of drawing skill that an illustrator would need. You'd do much better to sweat mastering your 3D skills and learning to see with visual clarity.
So, don't sweat it too much. Get as good as you can. Practice makes drawing easier and makes you better at it.
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If you're interested in drawing for 3D animation, your drawing skills don't need to be as refined as a 2D animator. To give you an idea of the drawing level, see:

It couldn't hurt to take figure drawing classes and do gesture drawings and cylinder people ( Through practice you will improve above your current level.

It's helpful for drawing thumbnails to know how to represent a simple figure on the page and be able to draw it from any angle in perspective.

- Tom ;)

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Thank you all

Hi all,

I am very much thankful to u all for replying to my thread....itz true ...practicing is the best thing.....n ofcourse one of my tutors said do all the things in the best way as u can and make it in the field u do the best work....seems itz time to stop worrying n do the work...neways thank u all oncemore.byeeeeeeeeeee.

Best Regards

Cannnot be more succinct than this.
If you want to truly excell in the animation industry then drawing well is MANDATORY. Let's not mince words, let's cut out the BS and stop fooling ourselves..........if a person cannot draw well, they should not consider animation as a career.

Yes..........yes, YES, ad nauseum there ARE exceptions, but they are VERY RARE, and those people are limited with the opportunities they have because they LACK a skill-set that drawing artists have.

Common sense time here: asking if someone can have a career as an animator without being able to draw is like asking to be a pilot whose nervous flying.

Best advice is to to suck it up, sweat the work, and get that pencil and brain moving.

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