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Inquiry: USAnimation Harmony

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Inquiry: USAnimation Harmony

Please, I have looked all over and cannot find an answer... I've even contacted Toon Boom Sales twice and it has gotten me nowhere. Can anyone tell me the current price of USAnimation Harmony and/or where I can get a trial version without flying to a trade show?

Toon Boom Harmony

Hi Bill

It's a lot lower than that. They customise the price based on the number of seat you have and if you get training, support etc etc. You can also rent it or get it real cheap to do some development work - they're pretty flexible, (I know - cause we got it!)

If you just wanted one copy then you're better off buying Solo which is practically the same but without the networked features. You can get this for $3,000 online. Keep your eye out for promotions though as it was on offer before Christmas and they have a special payment plan now.


i remember being invited to a demo and the prices i was quoted then for US Animaiton + Concerto was something like $14,000 or something.

im not sure about getting the demo version. you have to i guess get your credentials sorted out with them.