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UK vs Canada vs USA for postgraduate study in computer animation

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UK vs Canada vs USA for postgraduate study in computer animation

I live in the UK and am looking for some form of postgraduate study, or training for about 1 year in length, to upgrade my show reel. I already have a degree and post grad diploma and work experience in design (Set design department, TV). My aim is to become more competent in computer animation and for this to be reflected in the portfolio. I would like to gain an entry-level games artist (texturing and modelling) position. Although I would be quite keen to experiment with character animation within a course and possibly learn more about employment opportunities in film, and, in general, have some time to experiment.

I have been looking at courses in the UK, Canada and the US, spending some time living in Canada or the US would be a great experience, and am wondering if I could make it happen after a UK course, if not before.
In a year it seems possible to get a Masters in the UK, Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Canada and maybe a certificate of completion in the US. Although participating in a course, for me, is really about getting the right portfolio rather than the qualification. I’ve looked at some great colleges in the US but it is, unfortunately, looking less like an option because of the expense and length of the courses. But I feel that I am struggling to find courses in the UK, with the variety that Canada and the US offer.

I would like to find course with a great reputation, well respected and with good industry links.
I have applied/interested in applying to:

UK, Bournemouth MA Computer Animation
UK, Liverpool John Moors MA Digital Games
UK, Bristol MA Animation
Canada, Sheridan – Grad. Cert. in Computer Animation
Canada, Van Arts - Game Art and Design Diploma
Canada, SENEAC – 3D Game Certificate
Canada, Capilano College's Digital Animation Certificate
Canada, National Animation and design Centre, Montreal - Diploma Video Games
Canada, IADT, Toronto - Diploma Game Design and Animation
US, NY, Pratt Institute - Certificate programme computer animation

I am looking for any opinions about any of the above colleges, particularly from students (current or previous) or from anyone that has researched colleges in a similar way. And also any comments about colleges that I have not mentioned that are worth considering.

hey buddy,
me to lookin for a postgraduation in UK. how about the university of kent.i suppose the master program in computer animation in kent is kinda good.(actually got this info from some consultancies).what is ur updates news..