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Why Classical Animation

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Why Classical Animation

i am an indian student who has been offered a place at VFS,in their classical animation program. i believe this is one of their strongest programs.
but when i did a job search on this site itself there was only three or four postings for classical animators.
there are more postings for 3d animtors.
so i am now really thinking about accepting the seat. beacuse i ll have to take a huge loan to go to canada and study.and the indian industry being what it is i ll probably never be able to repay the loan until i m 70.
so that means i won't be able to increase my qualifications for a long time.
please someone advise me as to wether its worth taking a classical animation

I wish I had a crystal ball.

Find out what is needed locally.
I would surmise that 3d animators can work in features, Tv and Games.
Drawn animation will make a comeback.... for features.
For TV, flash is too cheap to produce to ignore.
In a perfect world, I would make every student take classical animation first.
But there are people working who've never drawn animation.

So weigh the potentials of each medium in your local market.


thank you both for your replies.
i am a firm believer in going step by step as well. that is the reason why i applied for the classical animation program. vfs would ve probably taken me for their computer animattion prog. as well.
am i serious about animation? well i have a bachelor's degree in microbiology and a master's degree in anthropology.five years later i still want to make a career in animation. :D

yes i am quite serious about it. but than one has to be practical about it.
if i had the money i d jump in without any apprehensions!
but honestly,thank you very much for your replies.
please could you tell me about flash?