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John Hubley

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John Hubley

Check out these 1950s TV commercials by John Hubley. (Scroll Down.)

Am I mistaken or was one of them used on a TV set in The Iron Giant?

further info:

He was a layout artist/ BG painter for Disney on Pinnochio (my favorite Disney film).

The first time I read Illusion of Life, the pictures of those layouts/BGs floored me...the detail put into not only making it look appealing and following the style of the movie, but the setup of the whole drawing to accomodate for the fake camera's movements and direction. It really is 4D art!

a little Hubley trivia

Marky Maypo was voiced and co-created by John and Faith's four-year-old son, Marky Hubley.
20 years later, Hubley used the voices of his kids, Hamp and Georgia, in his film, [i]Everybody Rides the Carousel.
[/i]Georgia Hubley went on to become a singer and drummer for the band, Yo La Tengo, which is very popular in my area of the country.

Everybody Rides the Carousel also features Meryl Streep's first film performance.

As a wee kid in the mid 60s, I remember ,"I want my May-po!". I don't know if they were newer or they used those ads for years.

The cool thing about old animated commercials is that was where the best animation was being done in those days. And they were more like shorts at a minute length sometimes.

I was fortunate to find the Doonesbury Special book at a thrift store. I beleive the HUbleys worked on that.

As a wee kid in the fifties, I too remember I WANT my MAYPO! In fact my brothers and I used irritate my mom with imitations of it when she would feed us oatmeal or cream of wheat. Not that we preferred Maypo, but it was catchy.

Great topic Harvey, and thanks for the great links. I am having an enjoyable fun Saturday morning reading the interviews and reviews. Hope it will get my creative juices going. Haven't even tried to animate in six months. Strictly doing static things all this while.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.


The Hubleys are a big influence on me. A few years ago I worked at an independant animation studio with Mark Hubley. There were eight of us working on the 2d side and I sat right next to Mark. He's a very nice guy and certainly was handed down the talent.

It did make work more interesting getting some inside talk about his parents as well as a little Magoo.

I recently had IG on while I was working, and I seem to recall hearing the "I want my Maypo" line in the movie. Not sure; wasn't really paying attention.

Without question he is the most important figure in the animation since 1950.

The Hubleys did it right.

I had the privledge of knowing Faith Hubley. We met in 1976 in Malibu, CALF. She was there as part of a travelling retrospective Hubley show from Smithsonian Institute. John had passed away a few years before. He was a layout artist/ BG painter for Disney on Pinnochio (my favorite Disney film). After the Disney strike, John left and became a director at UPA and created some great films

Faith and John had a pact that they would have dinner together as a family EVERY night and make one film together each year - together they garnered two Oscars and made some great films.

Faith was the first person I called when I was at the Disney Institute. Faith and her daughter Emily came down and did screening at the DI.

Faith passed a couple of years ago. She was and is an amazing inspiration!:D

Thanks for making me remember....

Those are great :D I saw them a couple nights ago. I wish the commercials these days were that good :(
James :cool:

Am I mistaken or was one of them used on a TV set in The Iron Giant?

Yep, I believe it's the second one that's on TV in Iron Giant. I never realized they were real comercials. I just thought it was inspired by comercials of that era but animated just for the movie. Thanks for the link Harvey.

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