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My Animated Short

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My Animated Short

If anyone is interested, I have uploaded my first animated short.

I would really welcome any feedback, especially from the people who use this forum. As its my first short and I'm trying to get a break, I really would appreciate any advice/comments.

I hope you enjoy the film.


P.S theres some extra info on the minisite.


Stuart Bradbury

Absoultley beautiful :) !!!!! loved it :) is that youre voice? scotish ?

Thanks Rozzco

I'm really glad you enjoyed the film and I really appreciate you taking the time to send me your thoughts.

Yes it is me that does the Voiceover, but I had to put the accent on, I thought it worked better with the film than my natural accents.

Thanks again Rozzco, you've made my day.

Stuart Bradbury

VERY NICE!!! I LOVED IT, the theme especially which runs consistent and the charachter / sound design is done very professionally. i would say pretty good for a beginning effort!