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Bored - Any suggestions?

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Bored - Any suggestions?

Hi. First post.

I'm bored. Not that I've seen everything out there, but I've watched about every america series I can stand, I've saturated myself with dozens of anime series, and now I'm looking for something new to pique my interest. Preferably something easily accessible (not some super rare russian sand animation or something ;) ).

To give a general idea my (questionable) taste (in no particular order) leans toward:

futurama - fun(ny)
old simpsons - fun(ny)
cowboy bebop - great characters
flcl - amazing animation + characters
family guy - stewie fun(ny)
escaflowne - cool
hajime - entertaining
invader zim - good stuff
champloo - amazing animation (at first)
miyazaki/ghibli - some of their stuff = amazing. others = meh
- totoro - love it. great characters
- spirited - love it
- mononoke - really like it
- porco - like it
- howl's - like it

I'm looking for something fresh and new (like bebop was for me 8 years ago). Not necessarily mainstream, but stuff that is clearly quality (none of this aquateen/12oz mouse budget stuff. No offense, that dialogue is funny and all, but...). I don't mind independant animation, but I'm looking for something more series/studio driven. I'm not opposed to america or japanese animation if someone has a rare gem, but I am saying I sort of feel like i've reached the end of those roads.

Any thoughts?

gunslinger girl

leaning more towards exploration of feelings.
a sprinkling of assasination.

try reading a book for a change.
or researching some obscure and fascinating topic.
The Templar Knights. Cahokia. Alhambra.

maybe you're just done listening.
maybe it's time they hear from you.

Don't worry.  All shall be well.

I'd also suggest the animated feature 'Belleville Rendez-Vous' (2003) if you haven't already seen it. It blew my socks off and has a unique flavour of its own which is neither anime or WB. I think 'Spirited Away' beat it to the Oscars in 2003 but in my opinion it was the strongest contender that year (I love Miyazaki too) Here is a review:

Enjoy :D

In English, that film is called The Triplettes of Belleville. It actually lost the Oscar to Pixar's Finding Nemo. Spirited Away won the previous year.

I have Triplettes on DVD and I highly recommend it as well. :cool:

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Dunno- if you're looking for some fresh air you could go for some stop-motion stuff. It's all the rage these days. Aardman studio has some good shorts and features. Jan Svankmajer is artsy but stunning.

Or if you don't mind more anime, Ghost in the Shell (series and films) is always engaging. {production I.G is the same house that made FLCL}

And lastly, there's always a surprising amount of animated music videos to seek out.

That's not a bad idea... feeds like Channel Frederator and just finding animated music videos have a good field of ownership in terms of unique artistic qualities... Someone posted on here before that one with the guy and his dad going to work in the construction vehicle made to look like it's on notebook paper (UK sounding voice if I recall)...Rocket Brothers on Plastic Animation Paper's site.....TISM...and then lots of mainstream...

For what it's worth, the only sand animation I've ever seen has floored the living daylights out of me... ;)

why don't you go a bit closer to home and watch Bill Plympton films? they are loads of fun!
Or maybe films from the National Film Board of Canada? there are also loads of very interesting films being made in the UK, here's one of my very favourite studios . There's loads and loads to choose from!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

miyazaki's kiki's delivery service is probably my fav miyazaki, if you haven't seen that.
and is "hajime" == "hajime no ippo"?

another good anime is kodomo no omocha (child's toy), but if you don't like sana, the main character, she will get on your nerves pretty quickly

That JCB bit is great, i wish my dad was Bruce Lee.

you should definately check out tandem films... they have great directors like Daniel Greave, one of their films "badgered" has been nominated for an oscar

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

Hmmm, looking at my animation shelf... Well, The Incredibles hasn't been mentioned. Really Pixar's best so far (I'm not expecting much from Cars). The double disc set is a very worthwhile investment if you get into making of stuff.

I'm also working my way through the first Ren & Stimpy box set, and they're a lot of fun. Kind of minimal animation, but very stylish in a 50s kind of way. They get a lot from Tex Avery's MGM stuff-- which is still pretty rare.

Or you could go back to 1941-1943 and get the Fleischer Brothers Superman cartoons. Still some of the coolest cartoons ever made, IMO. And-- despite 2 out of 3 recomendations so far-- I don't really like super heroes.

Thanks all.

Seen GITS. I'll check out Aardman.
I've seen some Plympton, I'll look into it more, good suggestion.
I've actually seen all of Miyazaki's, and Kiki's is good.
(Yes, hajime = hajime no ippo)
I'll look into Kodomo.
Seen Bellville. It did have awesome style.
I'll look into Tandem.
I'm fine with Pixars stuff, but more for 'single use' watching.

Heh, that jcb video was pretty cool.

I'm very much open to more suggestions if people have them.