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Tarantino's Mr. Pink???

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Tarantino's Mr. Pink???

This is one of the projects I had to turn in for a class called 'Drawing in Motion', here at SCAD. We had to use any scene from anywhere as reference for rotoscoping.

Guess you all love Tarantino movies. Those movies and the Mob have always fascinated me. I know I'm no where close to Quentin, But If I ever had to remake one of his scene, I would choose the 'Mr.Pink' clip from [color=#800080]Reservoir Dogs. Crude as can be, that movie rocked! [/color]

So here it is >

The version that makes sense:


The Original clip:


The clips are around 22mb each and require [color=#800080]qt7 player. Since I got the best compression out of QuickTime.[/color]

For those of you who have not seen the movie.

Here’s the scene:

Bunch of guys have been hired to commit a crime. They are instructed to meet up at a warehouse. The Heist Organizer Joe Cabot is assigning names to them so that they may not use their real names and thus reveal their identity