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Help from an Expert ( Disney School ?? )

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Help from an Expert ( Disney School ?? )


My question wouldn't be surprising to some people in this forum. I have a chance to study 2D animation in the best school in US or Canada. Is there a (Disney) school ?, if not what is the "best" school in US or Canada teaching this major, even if it's so expensive, I'm looking for the best and finest school. It's very important, I've been searching and I found names like ( VanArts ) & ( Vancouver Film School ), in US ?? I don't know. I hope that someone can have an idea if a Disney has a school or training porgrams. I'll be thankful.

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Hey KD, yeah i'm going to have to agree that Cal Arts would be the go to school if you want to get into Disney! My teacher went to Cal Arts and worked in disney for many years and I have heard they look @ Cal Arts first.

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I hear a lot of good animators come out of CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). It's a very tough school to get into, but offers one of the best animation programs I know of.

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CalArts is The "Disney School".

I don't know about SHeridan College in Oakville anymore. DO they still teach Drawn animation?

Visited my friend who is a Disney Features experienced co-ordinator at Van arts this past Friday. Not that I've seen every school in the city but I was impressed with what I saw In their CG excercises and drawings.


You can follow in the path of animated Ape and attend AAU (Academy of art institute) they have an open admissions policy, so it really isn't that hard to get into, but if a fine institute is your fancy, then check out SCAD (Savannah college of Art and Design), it was rated last year the best school to study art, I might even check them out myself.

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Hi Kd, yes, CalArts is pretty much the Disney school. From what I've been told, it used to be Chanard (sp?) then Disney took an interest in the school, and added funding and the name of the school changed to California Instiute of the Arts, or Cal Arts for short.

Some big names have come out of that Program including, John Lassetter, Tim Burton, Ron Clements, John Musker, Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken among others.

If you get accepted and can afford it, its a good school to attend. Other schools you also might want to look into are Sherriden in Canada, and Goeblins in France.

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