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Mirror Mask

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Mirror Mask

I had the opportunity to watch the first 30 minutes of Mirror Mask today on my lunch break - WOW - very innovative and imaginative animation work in it. Can't wait to find out what kinds of software they were using! I'm going to guess After Effects ('cause that's my favorite) - but we'll see.

-Cathy :)

Pooryorik - Ha!! Because my lunch break is only 30 minutes long! :)
I took it home and watched it in its entirety last night. Very imaginative work.



I would guess something like Shake or Inferno. A company that can afford it, typically won't use After Effects, it's just too slow and not as easy to work with for projects of that magnitude as some other software (especially when working on 2K 16bit log images). But yeah, I really dig AE, too. I'm looking forward to trying out 7, and definitely looking forward to Mirror Mask.

But more importantly, I'm looking forward to that stupid expando-ad disappearing. Everytime it expands, it disables the links to the other forum sections.

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Now with more doodling!

The amazing thing is the budget for mirrormask was like 2 mil, and it looks like 20-40. They had a bright idea of hiring ppl straight out of art school, tho the fx sometimes suffer for it. I doubt it was inferno or any of those high-end compositing systems. Shake is likely.

Shame the movie's kinda crap tho. I love Gaiman and McKean, but that movie should've been soooo much better.

I havnt heard of it. what is it?

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I had the opportunity to watch the first 30 minutes of Mirror Mask today on my lunch break

Why only the first 30 minutes? I'd go crazy if I only got to see the first half...

There's a banner ad for mirrormask that pops up on this website from time to time, blinkme. You might be able to find out more from there. The movie Mirrormask was based on a book, written by a man named Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is an incredible author; I once read one of his other books, ("Coraline"). Even though he writes for children, his work is very dark and surreal. Here's his website, if you're interested:

(Main site)



I hope the movie does the book justice!


P.S. He's got a killer site, by the way.