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Absolutely exclusive!!! Creating a toon based on your own story!!!

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Absolutely exclusive!!! Creating a toon based on your own story!!!

[U]Absolutely exclusive!!!
Limited series of 12 toons about 12 people of the world!!!

From the "smoke kills" creators studio!

Maybe that feeling has visited you while you were watching a cartoon... Maybe one day you imagined yourself in the shoes of a main character that does heroic things, saves the world and meets a woman of his dreams. Maybe you imagined that you could have shared your thoughts and life experiences with the rest of the world without the worry of being judged.

Our project is a series of 12 each lasting 5 minutes about 12 people that get through the selection process. We will take your suggestions based on your life, dreams or ideas, then the chosen 12 will have the opportunity to take a part in this project. You and your friends could be the lucky people to be a part of it, as we create a toon especially for you, based on your own story.

We don’t choose the story, we just WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE TOON!!!

Within a month our professional artists and animators will create a good quality cartoon based on your ideas and our musicians will write an original soundtrack, the mood and style of which will also be to your taste. You as the author will be fully involved in the process and have chance to amend and adjust the story to your liking. To keep you fully informed in the process we will be sending you a progress reports about the work.

All about our creative staff, musicians, works and examles of music you can find on the blog of the project -
Also, you can place your bid on internet auction "ebay" right here