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2D animation questions

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2D animation questions

I have some questions about the digital animation process.(2d animation/anime)Now using MACROMEDIA products.

Q1. What does the animators do to make sure that their characters do not look out of place when they draw the next keyframe.

Q2. I'm trying to make an anime character turn 45 degrees.How to draw the keyframes so that the character animates realistically(ex. the neck and body does not go out of place when turning, the size and position of the character is consistent, etc.)

Q3. Do animators draw their keyframes using computers or do they scan their drawings?

Q4. How to do tweening for an anime character turning 45 degrees?

Q5. What other programs do animators use to help them in their work?

Q6. I tried to import an .avi file , and i want to know the differences between each frame but i can't use onion skin because i can't make all the frames into keyframes.How to do it?