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remember guys

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remember guys

wow...'s been such a long time since i've posted here!
Glad to see there's still so ,uch going on...
even EXTREMELY heated threads!
maybe this will help cool people off a bit.


Well, I got MY Valentine's Day wish :)

I've been sharing your short clips with my new co-workers, and they are enjoying them immensely. In fact, my boss wanted to know if you did requests.


I thoroughly enjoyed that--made me smile all happy-like.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

that was a fast answer!
Hey SPACE Ghost!
Long time no see!
how are you?
sure.. i do requests..'s pretty much part of my job( use to be actually!)

that is the whole point..the smile thing..
no more no less... just a good smiling face makes me happy!

Darn it!

I'm going out to buy me an umbrella right now!!!

(Good stuff, as always!)


i almost made a thread the other day that was going to ask "anybody know what happened to pascal?"

that was a pretty neat animation if I do say so myself.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

Hey PASCAL good to c u back.Long time huh.BTW pretty sweat concept and animation....HAPPY VALANTINE'S DAY TO ALL AT AWN..


i almost made a thread the other day that was going to ask "anybody know what happened to pascal?

You and me both. I've been wondering too, and I am glad to see one of pascal's short once again. A breath of fresh air, eh?


Hey guys!
Thanks for the good words!
I'm not sure i'm back just yet...
passing probably, untill things get a bit more settled for me!
but it sure feels good to say hi again!!!



Cool animation,I like the design of the characters,the rain,and the background alot. :D

ohh and check your e-mail :D

Blink, i was gonna ask the same thing, I thought where has Pascal gone! Good to see you back, Great stuff, your style is fantastic, loved the white on black.

You inspire me to keep going with the animation bug, Even when you become a big time animator, come back here and show us your stuff!

thanks strib...
you know.. i don't have any plans of becoming a big time
there are some MUCH better people than me at doing this( just on this forum, and even some of the guys that have answered this thread are REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY good.. almost monkey like good!lol)

i've just been super busy with design work, buying a house, and a bunch of other things..
and it's not over!

so.. you guys may not see me again for a bit!


I just have to say, you rock.

i remenber seeing your site a while ago( don't remenber HOW i got there though!)
i love your designs and your animations
thanks for the nice words!