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The state of animation in the US

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The state of animation in the US

Just a general interest,i know in europe *i'm in the UK* animation is all good in both mediums

However it seems that in the U.S. some things in animation are slanting,like traditional animation for example.

But i'm not really sure,i guess i just want to know whats happening over there in the animation world,because in fact,i really don't know.I get the impression that the U.S. tends to over commericialise things and milk them pretty quickly,am i wrong or right? where as in europe its more *art* than *money*

I've spoken to many people ( i guess its kinda biased cos those people are european),that they really hate the state of animation in the US,but i've also spoken to some american animators who want to make a difference but just haven't had a chance.

No its not a question about 2d vs 3d,its about seeing animation as art instead of just another way to make money,so therefore the medium shoudn't matter just the message they are trying to put across.

If they're any american guys ,or even people that have worked in the u.s. (recently) that can tell me whats goin on,i'd appreciate your facts or opinions,since animation is a big interest to me.

I just don't wanna be in a guessing game,or even stereotype the US animation industry,i guess anyone can use this thread to learn.

Everything in the US right now is commercialy oriented. If it doesn't make a buck or in someway protect the corporate dollar, forget it. Money is king here and only a limited few control it. "Art" get real, the only art that is promoted is something that one of those in power has some stock in, otherwise it's considered fluff and expendable.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

and is that something you would like to see change,or do you like the way it is?

what is your opinion of the European animation industry,or just Euro animation in general?

:cool: Sh*t! yeah! What do you think. There used to be small government subsidies available for young upcoming artists, all of those programs have been closed. But even outside of that, I'd like the powers in Washington, to once more be held accountable to the little guy, but with the way elections and political parties are run, those that are in power will stay in power. And both major parties take part in the graft and collusion that has become part of the way business is run in the states today. Ever heard of lobbyists, and looked at who they are for the most part, they are officials that sort of retired, or got fired, but they still mold the way this country is run nowadays.

Dollars = power.

And Haliburton and it's ilk have the most, so who do you think has the power. I'd love to look at the portfolios of those in Washington, they just keep getting richer. And their retirement benefits haven't evaporated, like they have for the working man, but we are told we should look after ourselves.

But I have to add the general American public is at fault also, they buy into the sales pitches put forth when truly worthwhile programs are cut or industries deregulated. They buy the story that their portfolios and investments will grow "in the long run". How long is that... will they live to see the benefits of Nafta? Here in California we saw how deregulation lead to lower energy prices....oh yeah. Lower medical costs and better care with HMOs, wish I'd had stock in a couple of them.

Sorry for the vent. As to European animation I loved the "Belles". But when you can't find work where you live because other countries are subsidising their animation industry (India is big on this.) and undercutting labor cuts, it's hard to sing their praises.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

You can make a career out of your question, it is unlikely that you will get any good statistic on the matter. There are a lot of different people pooling this media as will as shredding it. Someone might have written or maybe are in the process of writing a paper on the subject.